Joining our Mens Tennis Competition.

It's fierce. It's fun. It's every Tuesday night at Dendy.


The next scheduled Try Out , Grading and Selection Evening for Season One 2020 will be 28 January 2020.   Contact Andrew Brown on 0434 184 392 or abrown@millsoakley.com.au


The competition is currently limited to 64 designated positions. 


We continually strive to improve the competition and newcomers ARE WELCOME. Unfortunately, the available positions for newcomers are limited to the number of people leaving the competition.


To be considered for selection, it is essential that both returning players and potential new players attend the Try Out night. In the first draft, players are generally only selected from those that attend Try Out. [If you cannot make Try Out, it is imperative that you notify the Selectors prior with apologies.  If you do not attend and do not give apologies prior, do not expect to be selected.]


All potential new players need to be graded. Grading normally occurs on Try Out evening [or by arrangement if mid season - refer CONTACTS]. Potential new players will then be considered for selection as per the Selection Criteria below. If unsuccessful in the first draft, potential new player's names are then placed on our Emergency List which doubles as a Waiting List.


People on the Emergency List are often called upon to play for absentees during the season. They are in a prime position to replace someone should there be a drop out due to injury, work commitments, travel, etc. or to be selected to play next season. [People on the Emergency List should check their status regularly – email or ring the Selectors.]



Selection is normally prioritised in the following order:


  • Existing players – if someone has played in the previous season
  • Movement between sections – existing players rising in the ranks and needing to be accommodated in a higher section [or vice versa to a lower section]
  • Previous players wanting to return after absences of up to 2 seasons provided consent has been provided by the Selectors and Administrator. [Valid reasons include injury, work, travel. It does not necessarily include just wanting a break from tennis/TNT.]
  • Previously unsuccessful applicants who are on our Emergency/Waiting List
  • Totally new players and previous players that have been absent for more than 2 seasons – selection on ability



It is essential that players with impending work/family commitments, injuries, etc. discuss any intended leave of absence from TNT with the Selectors if they want to be considered for selection with priority in future seasons. Priority returns will only be considered up to a maximum 12 month leave of absence. Leave of absence is not given to those people just wanting a break from TNT.


People may be precluded from selection if there is a concern about their preparedness to comply with TNT's rules and Esprit de Corps. Refer RULES.