The TNT Tuesday Night Tennis Club.  

It's fierce. It's fun. It's every Tuesday night at Dendy.

Welcome to our tennis club website. Tuesday Night Tennis TNT, is a men's doubles tennis competition played at Dendy Park Tennis Club, Breen Drive, Brighton East, Victoria 3187 Australia. Our tennis club operates as a not for profit men's tennis competition run by non-paid volunteers.



The TNT competition is run at Dendy Park Tennis Club.  Membership of TNT however does constitute 'restricted' membership of Dendy Park Tennis Club and Tennis Australia affording access to Dendy Park from Sunday pm to Friday pm at no additional charge. [The restrictions are 'no voting rights' for Dendy Park Tennis Club and additional charges to participate in pennant sides.]  Refer www.dendyparktc.com.au.
It is a requirement for membership of TNT that players be registered members of Dendy Park Tennis Club. Refer Membership TNT Comp Form


TNT runs the competition on a Tuesday night, organises the fixture, selects teams and pays for court hire, etc. while Dendy Park Tennis Club is responsible for the tennis court facilities, bar and club house.  

TNT has been running this competition at Dendy for approximately 35 years, so there is a close co-operative association between TNT and Dendy Park Tennis Club.  


TNT strives for a high standard of tennis but our foundation is sportsmanship, loyalty, commitment, reliability and camaraderie.    


Play commences at 7.30pm sharp. [Grand Final 7.00pm.]


All tennis matches are played at:  
Dendy Park Tennis Club, Breen Drive, Brighton East, Victoria 3187 Australia.  
There are no “away” matches.  


Dendy Park has showers and toilets. It has an upstairs verandah, bar and lounge area where soft drinks and a limited range of alcoholic beverages can be purchased.




Season 2 2020 Competition was scheduled to start 14 July, with a try out night for new players on the 7th July, but now SUSPENDED FOR 6 WEEKS.

New players are still welcome, email info@tuesdaynighttennis.com.au or call Andrew on 0434 184 392

FEES DUE 20th August for players who didn't pay for Season 1 2020.

As TNT members are also members of Dendy Park Tennis Club we can book courts for personal use.  Bookings must be made using the online booking site: play.tennis.com.au/DendyParkTennisClub/

Booking is a mandatory Government requirement to facilitate contact tracing.

Covid-19 update

Given current announcements we hope that we will be able to commence season 2 on the 18th August with the aim of fitting a full season into the remainder of the year.  There will be no charge to existing players for season 2, that is, the fee paid for season 1 will apply for the full year.

Attendance at Dendy Park:

If you fall into the following category you should not attend;

  Lethargy, feeling unwell, dry cough.

  Loss of appetite, fever.

  Sore throat and diarrhoea.

  Recently travelled overseas

  Living or working with someone who is being tested for the virus

If you fit one of these categories please arrange a fill in.

If you do not want to participate for fear of catching the virus then you of course can be excused and a fill in arranged.  If you are organising a fill in please let your section coordinators know, they may also be able to assist with names for fill ins if you are having trouble.  Please remember that you can call on someone from another section if required.

If it gets to the stage where one team is unable to find players then we will need to postpone the competition.


We propose that the shaking of hands be avoided, together with high fives.  We are all a bit old for fist bumps so perhaps a touching of racquets or perhaps just a “well done, jolly good show” should be enough encouragement.

We will also not be serving food and it will be at your discretion as to whether or not you go and have a beer.